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Monday, April 16, 2007

Its needs a lots of skill to be poker superstars

Playing poker is a skill but if you want to be a poker superstars you had to learn more skill and had to get some professional teacher to teach you the skill of playing poker. One day I attended a poker tournament in Genting Highland, Malaysia. All the players were very skilled people and the duration of the game is two days where money prizes were awarded to the champions, runners up, third placing and forth to six placing.

The games were very excited where by every players are showing off their skills and each player are trying to know what cards the other playing is closing. To be a poker superstars all you needs is to have thirty percentage of luck and the rest depends on your skills and how good is your opponents skills. Besides skill and luck you needs to be firm in yourself so that others players won't reads what you are closing.



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