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Friday, March 09, 2007

To be poker superstars you needs skill

Everyone wants to be poker superstars but not everyone all have the skill to be one. I have a friend five years my senior whom everyone and myself address him as mr poker king. He only play poker as his living during his young age but now he is a grandfather of many grandchildrens. Most of his friends will want to plays with him as he is wining mosy of the times.

One days we ask him whether he is playing dirty. His reply is skill and you must know and learn the skill of playing pokers. Learn the reactions and style of the opponents and whats cards the other playing is closing by the face and action of the one calling. Be what you are when playing, never show and sign to the others players and always contoll yourself and have patients and liking in your cards. Cash is also any issue to the game as more cash ones its more stable with the game. Lastly if you feel you are not having a good game of poker call it quit.