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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Witness a poker game in Malaysia

It is very intresting to watch people playing poker but to be poker superstars is not an easy laddler to climb. Few years back I watch a game of poker competition held in Genting Highland in Malaysia. There was many poker experts enroll in the game and the last players to remains is the winner.

The game of poker started with a table of four and the winner two will stay to the next round and eventually left two persons to fight for the champion and will be adress by people as poker superstars. The game needs alot of skill to play and a bit of luck. The tactic of the game is to read the card that the other players is closing and to frighten each other of the cards each person is closing. Playing poker you must learn when to follow and when to resign in each game. When playing poker you must be very steady in yourself, people with emotion will not stay very long in the game as it will most read by other people.