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Monday, March 17, 2008

Its never easy to be a poker superstars

Seeing many young people became poker superstar. Do we know how much afford and money their put in to be one day a world poker superstars. Last year we saw a eighteen years old norwegian girl becomes the youngest girl to win the world series of poker games in Europe. The stake money that Annette Obrestad won on that poker games was one million pound. Peoples said she put a few years in practicing the game and had a master to guild her.

People like Johnny Chan, Gus Hansen and Shawn Shekhan put many years afford and money to be the past world superstars. To be a world poker superstars we must had a lot of patients, guts and money and even to hire a well known poker king to guild you climb the ladder to be one day a world superstars. Lucks also play a parts to be a world superstars.